Monday, November 19, 2012

Anna : Pink flower dress

So many Anna is here! :D

This dress is my mothers that she wore when she was younger...
I think its print is awesome

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Anna+Art : Black Swan

This painting is "letter designe" that I drawed at the art class of school
Can you read it?
The ballerina means alphabet B and the swan means S...
And I only use a black color pen

There are many kinds of "Black Swan"`s film posters

These posters are really gorgeous...

I think ballet is a constant inspiration to fashion
Motions, poses, costumes n all the things are beautiful!

So beautiful... isn`t it?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Anna+Art : Mural painting+Keith Haring

Last Saterday, I did voluntary work to paint mural at Gyeong Sin Highschool
저는 지난 토요일, 경신고등학교에 벽화그리기 자원봉사를 하러 갔습니다
It`s me!
We drawed Keith Haring's art that little changed
우리는 키스 해링의 작품을 조금 변형해서 그렸어요
I painted this ♥ alone
저는 혼자서 이 하트를 그렸어융!
What do you think?
It was hard but very nice day!
Keith Haring is a graffity artist who was born on May 4th, 1958, in Pennsylvania
키스 해링은 1958년 5월 4일 펜실베니아에서 태어난 그래피티 예술가입니다
His works are mainly used line and intense primary colors,
and he expressed noticeable images and social messages that anti-apartheid, anti-nuclear, gay rights and etc
그의 작품들은 주로 선과 강렬한 원색을 활용해 그려졌고, 그는 눈에 확 띄는 이미지와
반인종차별, 반핵운동, 동성애자 인권 등의 사회 문제들을 표현했습니다
I painted this.............umm.... I'm sorry to Keith hahaha
내가 그린 건 이건데...........하하하하ㅏㅏㅏ하ㅏ하
He died by complications of AIDS in 1990, at 31, however he has become a artist who lives forever in heart of his manias and flow of modern art
그는 에이즈로 인한 합병증으로 1990년에 31살의 나이로 사망했지만 그의 매니아들의 마음 속에,
그리고 현대 미술의 흐름 속에 영원히 자리 잡고 있는 예술가입니다